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Wooden lining, like building material

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A wooden lining is an environmentally friendly building material with a number of high operational characteristics. The lining is used not only in the process of manufacturing the interior decoration of the premises, but also of the external. With the help of such a material, you can give an original appearance even to the most inconspicuous room. The walls trimmed with wood allow you to create a unique atmosphere of home comfort and heat.

As the main advantages, it should be noted that the larch lining is primarily natural material, which makes it possible to create a special microclimate in the room. A wooden lining has a high level of safety, is easy to process, has a long service life, good resistance to decay, is excellent heat – and a sound insulator, has a unique appearance.

Using a wooden lining, you should take into account some features of work with such material. An important factor in this case is the ease of installation of the lining of wood. Thanks to this, such material can be attached using a groove technology.

At the same time, to work with it, you do not need special tools, special knowledge and experience with wooden lining. Since this kind of material is distinguished by special aesthetic properties, appearance and durability, it can be used in a wide variety of sectors.

When using the lining for the external decoration of buildings, it is necessary to lay it horizontally, from the bottom up. Lining boards should be laid on one another, and the joints are subject to processing with polyurethane mastic. Thanks to this, the necessary level of thermal – sound and waterproofing is achieved.

In the case of a wooden lining for the interior decoration of the premises, it can be laid on the walls both vertically and horizontally. When decorating bath rooms, the lining is usually laid vertically. This allows you to prevent water accumulation in grooves.

It is also very important to provide good ventilation. To do this, at a certain distance from the ceiling and floor, holes that provide air flow are left. In addition, it is recommended at a distance of 20-40 cm from the floor of the wall generally not to cover with lining, so that the material can be protected from exposure to excess moisture.

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