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Wooden house. Back to the origins

by alanews

Today, more and more people prefer the construction of their own houses from such a material as a tree. It’s good to sleep and easily breathe in such a house, unlike brick buildings. And the feeling of comfort, peace and confidence that arises inside a wooden house is difficult to overestimate.

When choosing a material for construction, most often you will be offered two types – glued beams and a looped log. Both of these options are significant disadvantages.

So, for example, in the manufacture of the first, the procedure of quick academia is carried out, which nulls the ability of the tree to “breathe”, and the use of the glue further exacerbates the situation, equating the beneficial properties of the tree to the properties of the brick.

The second method of wood processing is a cylinder log -this effect does not give. However, during the process, the upper layer of the log (sapwon) is destroyed, which is a natural protective obstacle from the harmful effects of the environment. As a result, no one will guarantee that in a few years your house will begin to rot.

If you want to find environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless housing for your health, you should choose a company that builds a handmade house.

This method of construction will cost you more, however, such wood processing retains all the important properties of the material – the ability to “breathe”, heat capacity, moisture resistance, preservation of the upper layer provides durability, and natural high refractory will become an additional plus.

Be sure to check in the construction company when exactly the forest sold to you was cut down. It is best if this happened in the cold season, when air humidity is lower, then the shrinkage of the finished house will be uniform and gradual, and the number of cracks in wood is much less.

Also, additionally, all logs should be treated with an antiseptic that protects against lesion with a bug and rotting. To protect the finished house from the effects of sunlight, and special paint will help the wood from changing color.

In addition, the use of manual cutting will avoid a significant amount of defects, since wood processing technology is observed very accurately.

If you want to escape from the captivity of stone jungle, get environmentally friendly housing, improve your health, the construction of a wooden house is the most reasonable and obvious exit.

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