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Which is more important for health – external or internal beauty

by alanews

In the world of glossy covers of magazines, fashion models, bright film actresses – we are used to thinking only about external beauty. Indeed, in the world of high technologies, it is somehow not customary to appreciate high moral qualities and human internal beauty. Who needs your internal qualities – someone will say – honesty and decency are now only interfering in life.

But not many connect the inner beauty with health. Meanwhile, the facts stubbornly say that an internally holistic person who has an optimistic mood, a meek, knows how to listen and forgive – has more chances to maintain his health.

The first proof is history. In our age, the concepts of “gentleman”, “word of honor” outlived themselves. It is not fashionable to show good manners, rudeness, disrespect. Now compare the level of mental illness and depression in the Middle Ages and in our time. Psychologists beat the alarm: every second person suffers from a particular form of mental disorder. And there are already clear evidence that these diseases are almost a direct consequence of a lack of love and fidelity in our modern society.

Scientists have long been exploring the effects of meekness and irritability on human health. Are there any results. Yes, and they clearly show the direct connection between internal beauty and health. People who are accustomed to be annoyed, give free rein to their anger, more often suffer from diseases such as increased pressure, and heart attack.

And such a quality as materialism leads to frequent lack of sleep, stress and as a result of weakening immunity and more frequent colds. If we take into account that the body seeks to compensate for lack of sleep with increased appetite and overeating, then you will also receive excess weight, and sometimes diabetes. How much it is better to educate in yourself such an excellent quality as the ability to be satisfied with your circumstances.

Sometimes too strong fascination with external beauty even harms health. There is even such a thing as dysmorphophobia-when a person is very worried due to the far-fetched shortcomings of his appearance. A lot is written about this on psychiatrists, this is often discussed by psychologists. Who will deny that plastic surgery harm health? And even those who, it would seem, make the right efforts in relation to their external beauty – people involved in sports can damage their health. It is proved that too much loads in sports lead to osteoporosis.

Summarize. Carried away by diets and cosmetics, do not forget about your inner person. Develop the ability to listen to the interlocutor, optimism, decency and respect for others. Do not forget about the positive warehouse of the mind – after all, it has long been said about laughter that it is a good medicine. Good health to you!

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