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What is thermal insulation plaster

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The plaster is designed to align the walls and to create an ideal surface for working with the following coatings: paints, wallpaper, etc.D. With its help, you can decorate the walls, insulate and protect the walls, it saves your money, provides comfort and comfort.

To maintain heat in the house, and do not heat the street in the cold period, you need to use thermal insulation plaster.

Thermal insulation plaster today is very popular both among experts and consumers. They go on sale in the form of a dry mixture, which includes an astringent component (gray or white sequence, gypsum) and heat -insulating fillers that have low thermal conductivity. The mixture also includes various polymer additives that provide plasters with useful properties.

Of thermal insulation materials, the polystyrene foam granules are most used, which are processed by a special supplement, an omitted perlite or vermiculite.

It is easy to work with the solution, since its composition contains light fillers, which determine the degree of combustibility of plaster. The G1 group of fueling includes plasters with polystyrene additives. Plasters with mineral fillers, such as perlite, vermiculite and swollen glass, belong to the NG group, which means, not fuel at all.

There are air -converting substances in thermal insulation plasters that form a system of extensive pores inside the layer, which are filled with air. And the air, as you know, is an excellent heat insulator and a sound insulator.

Thermal insulation plaster is used for plastering of any building grounds: from blocks or bricks, light and heavy concrete, chipboard and even raw plaster.

The base must first be cleaned of dust and dirt, from exfolved areas, fat and oil spots. It should not be frozen. Before applying the plaster, you need to dry it very well.

The process of applying thermal insulation plaster is the same as ordinary plaster, using the same tools and the same techniques. The applied plaster must be left for drying in two days. Then you can work by finishing materials.

You can use thermal insulation plaster for insulation: residential buildings, cottages, country houses, industrial structures, kindergartens, hospitals, schools, etc.D.

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