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We prepare a children’s room

by alanews

No one is in doubt that all loving parents make maximum efforts for the harmonious development of their children.

Design development for the nursery is a complex and multifaceted process, which implies the need for versatile planning, taking into account a large number of details.

Initially, it is necessary to determine the location of the room itself in the house or apartment. The most correct will be the selection of such an option in which the room for children will be located sufficient remoteness from the kitchen, a common rest room, and household premises. In addition, it is desirable that the room chosen for children is located on the southern or southeastern side, has sufficient natural light.

The professionally developed design of the children’s room includes a thorough, meticulous selection of finishing materials that will be used in the preparation of the room. Mandatory requirements for the materials used in the decoration should be aspects of absolute safety: the materials should not be toxic, easily ignited, have sharp, specific odors. When purchasing materials for the repair and arrangement of the children’s room, be sure to read the manufacturer’s certificates in terms of their safety guarantees.

If you decide that the wallpaper in the room of the children should be wallpaper, then be sure to remember when making a choice, preference should be given to the type of wallpaper that may be undergoing wet processing (many of us have more than once had to fight the “cave painting” of walls, thoroughly washing off the art of our kids).

It would be preferable to cover the floors in the children’s room with laminate, or a wooden parquet, which will greatly facilitate the sanitary maintenance of the children’s room. If you choose linoleum, it will be better to purchase a sample with a solid coating.

The color scheme of finishing the children’s room must be kept in warm, soft colors, preferably with muffled brightness.

Lighting in a room for children should be two -level: central ceiling, providing the main lighting, and highlighting at an average level, in the form of a desktop lamp on a desk for classes and wall bedside lamps.

Curtains on the windows in the room in children should be light tones, dense (which will allow you to regulate the saturation of sunlight during daytime sleep) made of natural fabric.

It is better to have a floor covering or rugs for playing a children’s room according to an “island” type – small sizes, spreading them near the cribs and in the game corner.

In many stores you can buy children’s goods for decorating a room – training boards, rugs, playing tents, chairs. They will also give the room the necessary comfort and comfort.

A special, unique comfort will give the children’s room a photograph and children’s drawings hung on the walls.

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