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Living room combined with a loggia

by alanews

Large rooms are scope, a lot of light and practicality. In the apartments, expand the room designated under the living room at the expense of the loggia – so you will get additional meters, due to which the room will look more comfortable and much more.

To begin with, let’s say that, having removed the partition between the living room and the balcony, the room will become much lighter, which is very important in cases where the windows do not overlook the sunny side. More light – more smiles and better mood. But before getting rid of a seemingly useless wall, you should really evaluate this opportunity. The thing is that it is this wall that is the carrier, and therefore its complete destruction can become a real threat to the collapse of the whole house. Therefore, be sure to invite builders and architects who will talk about prospects and tell you how to strengthen the opening in order to increase its reliability.

In addition, do not forget that the loggia is an unheated room, and therefore thoroughly think over the insulation of this part of the room. You may have to put the warmest windows and insulate the wall from the inside with heat -saving material. Even better – to supply the loggia with an infrared warm floor – it perfectly performs the functions of heating, economical and has a beneficial effect on the state of residents.

As for the design and interior of the living room united with a loggia, it all depends only on the room of your imagination and the presence of opportunities. You can make these two rooms one whole, or can be divided into zones. In the first case, the effect of integrity can be achieved using the same materials in the decoration. In the second option, the semblance of a bar will look good in the opening, which will visually divide the room. It is better to choose light and light curtains on the windows – this technique will add more light and air. Also do not forget that light wallpapers will visually expand the space, and the dark, on the contrary, will “eat” it. If the room even after uniting the loggia remains small, then the furniture for it also choose a compact and not bulky. Stop the choice on a double sofa, refuse the chairs, and instead of the usual wall, purchase a small floor or suspension console.

Additional square meters are never superfluous, so feel free to take on the alteration and combine the living room with a loggia.

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