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Perfect figure – everything turns out to be simple

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A slender figure with elegant forms and proportions – a dream of absolutely all women! That is why many representatives of the fair sex are in search of a proven and effective way of losing weight. In fact, you can easily discard extra pounds, the main thing is to learn that a comprehensive approach is needed to create an ideal figure. Unfortunately, there is no such miraculous drug, having drunk which, you can wake up slim and beautiful. Therefore, the path to perfect proportions must be divided into several stages.

Stage 1: Food and diet

To lose weight, you can resort to the help of diets, but before you choose one of them, it is necessary to radically review the daily diet. Absolutely all nutritionists advise to adhere to proper nutrition, since any of the diets has urgency and cannot be used constantly. This means that the menu should not have fast food, high -calorie products, confectionery and fat sauces. But vegetables, fruits, cereals and lean meat should be a significant part of the diet.

There are many dietary programs for women, so you can choose the one that will be best suited to her. You should not get carried away with hard diets, which, although they give a quick result, but can adversely affect well -being. It is best to opt for diets that will discard 2-3 kilograms per month.

Stage 2: Physical activity

Constant physical activity Mandatory element of the weight loss process. Sports and various exercises not only contribute to weight loss, but also strengthen the skin, muscles, and also prevent the appearance of cellulite.

What kind of physical exertion to choose is to solve only a woman! Classes in the pool, ledges, aerobics and yoga helps greatly. If constant employment does not allow time to visit the gym, then you can use special home simulators, for example, massage belts. On the site in the Figure.RU can find a description of such simulators, as well as the result that can be achieved by regularly using them.

Stage 3: control over well -being

Ideally, the weight loss program should be a competent nutritionist, but if there is no way to contact such a specialist, you need to independently monitor your well -being. Before choosing a diet or a set of physical exertion, you need to hand over a standard set of analyzes that will show the presence of diseases. For example, if there are diseases of the bone system in the history, then you can not use a rice diet “leaching” calcium. It is very important to control your condition throughout the stage of losing weight. If weakness and dizziness are noted, do not write off it only on hunger, as it can be a “alarming call”, for example, reducing hemoglobin.

An integrated approach can guarantee not only weight loss, but also consolidating the obtained indicators.

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