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Tile laying tools

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Laying tiles is a rather complicated process. For high -quality work, certain tools will be needed, many of which are always at hand. For even strokes, rows, testing of the evenness of the styling, you will need a construction level, ordinary bubble, or more modern laser. To knead the glue, it is better to use the drill with a special nozzle, this will be provided with better obtaining the solution. If there is no tool, then it is made manually. For glue itself, it is also necessary to prepare a container, which can be used by a regular basin or bucket.

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To apply this solution, you should use a metal spatula (for applying the solution), a comb (for “combing” glue) and a rubber spatula (for working with grout). For cutting tiles, prepare a “grinder” (for cutting rectangular and square recesses) and a tile cutter (for cutting in size). If there is no tile cutter, then you can use the glass cutter, or also a “grinder”. Special crowns with diamond spraying are ideal for cutting round holes. This is the whole set of tools necessary for working with tiles and its laying on the surface.

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