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From what to build a house?

by alanews

The tree has long been considered an ancient building material, which can resist numerous natural influences. Especially for elements of wood structures, special finishing and insulating materials are developed. Their use will help to avoid aging houses and wooden cottages.

It is advisable to build wood cottages made of wood on an elevated and overgrown plot of land. If you choose a plot in a calm and protected place, your house will not fall under the influence of dangerous factors such as solar radiation or wind.

Country cottages intended for permanent residence are built on concrete foundations that can be of different designs: tape, monolithic, simplified. For a wooden cottage, it should be remembered that the columnar foundations for permanent residence should not be installed.

However, in addition to the advantages of wood, there are its disadvantages as material. One of these is high fire hazard, and the tree is less durable in comparison with the stone.

Regarding the fact that wooden houses of the slopes for fire can not be afraid of this, t. to. Applying, wood processing technologies will be able to improve refractory properties of materials.

House made of wood – will always ensure the presence of a pleasant microclimate in the room, create coolness in hot weather, and in the cold, on the contrary, will give the acquired heat. A modern wooden cottage can stand up to 100 years. You also need to know that coniferous trees used in the construction of the house are known for their healing properties. If you choose from what material besides the tree to build a house with your own hands, then you should know such facts.

The brick house, unlike wooden, provides a high degree of security in case of fire, it is a more durable and fairly high strength of the structure. Among the minuses of the construction of the walls of brick, a large proportion is distinguished, requiring the laying of foundations to the depth of freezing of the soil.

Foam concrete as the material used when building a house, unlike wood, has high resistance to fires, decent heat and sound insulation.

Having listed all the pros and cons of the materials used for the structure of the house, now you yourself must choose which cottage, you want wooden or brick? Another advantage of a wooden cottage will be an addition to the construction of a bathhouse or terases.

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