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We are building a wooden house

by alanews

The latest trends in construction are the construction of wooden houses. This circumstance is explained by the fact that houses made of wood are distinguished by their environmental friendliness, as well as the fact that it retains heat better, but also has several advantages compared to other materials. So, here are some distinctive qualities, advantages:

• houses made of wood are distinguished by the optimal oxygen balance, as well as optimal humidity due to the fact that such a vapor permeum;

• such houses are characterized by good thermal insulation compared to concrete and brick houses;

• Wooden houses have a magnificent aesthetic appearance;

• simplicity of the construction process of wooden houses .

Wooden houses have its own way for a long time. Consequently, the technology of their construction is increasingly improving, and the material from which such houses are being built is being studied more thoroughly. This allows you to develop more and more new means of processing such home in order to serve for a long time. Now many modern technologies have appeared that allow the construction of wooden houses not as difficult as several years ago. Previously, manual labor was used for the construction of wooden houses in the processing of material, now this process takes place in autonomous production.

The most popular tree of the tree from which such houses are built, and which corresponds to the ratio of the price – is the larch, is larch. Material from larch, which is intended for the construction of wooden houses, is previously treated with anti -pires that increase the fire safety of buildings. Now houses from larch are built on advanced and economically profitable technologies. Many projects of wooden houses also include the use of accessories from harmless elements. The price of wooden houses depends on several factors, such as the diameter of the forest, the height of the ceiling and so on, and is agreed separately when the project approved.

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