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Is it worth it to sit on a diet?

by alanews

Fashion magazines diligently tell us about the need for a slender figure, about the importance of ideal forms. Numerous experts say that it is impossible to get a man without an aspen waist and chic makeup. And for the sake of this bright dream, thousands and millions of women carefully conduct experiments over their body. Diets, fitness and shaping, plastic surgery and beauty injections-and many more, which is not customary to report in society. Only for some reason it suddenly turns out that the long-awaited prince escaped to a cute blasphemy that never sat on diets. The rival has extra pounds, she does not always leave the house with makeup, but this lady has no end. And against the background of this injustice, the thought creeps out whether it is worth sitting on diets. First you need to understand that diets are different. Some diets can be used for a long time, because they differ in balance. Other diets are better to bypass, since even their one -time use is striking a serious blow to health. And the most dangerous monodietes are considered that many ladies in pursuit of ideal forms are constantly abusing. Someone is refueling in liters of kefir, and someone stuffs kilograms of apples, from which it is already sick. And then the beauty is surprised why her nails began to lay down, her skin became dry and her hair falls in packs. If you visit doctors, then vitamin deficiency, problems with the excretory system and many other unpleasant surprises will be found. Of course, beauty is worth the victims, but not to the extent that it is later treated for years after a diet. An important factor is the attitude of men to diets and weight loss. Not every prince will withstand the salad for lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as the constant complaints of his wife about her extra pounds. He will better find a princess without complexes who loves himself, who will cook perfectly and always be able to take care of his wife. Also, do not forget about the existence of men who adore ladies with forms. Calculating such an amateur is quite difficult, since he behaves in the most common way. But after significant weight loss, his secret preference may unexpectedly clarify, but nothing can be corrected anymore. If the girl firmly decided to sit on a diet, it is necessary to weigh everything “for” and “against”. For which she wants to go to such a dangerous experiment? Is the result of possible consequences worth? Perhaps it is much more correct to spend fasting days to maintain normal weight than to risk your own health and your own happiness. Buy a fitball home and engage in your pleasure, and not go to the exhaustion for shaping and the gym only because “so you need”. Love yourself as you are. And then others will love you too.

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