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The positive properties of natural tiles are in its durable service life. It is the price of roofing materials that affects the main cost of the roof. For a roof of tiles, high-quality titanium and copper products are often used, they are much more expensive and emphasize the exquisite nature of the roofs.

To the roofs of a simple shape, it is easier to choose the type of preliminary coating. For preliminary coating, a subcutaneous film is used with good vapor permeability, regardless of the complexity of the roof and the selected coating – metal tiles or tiles. Free air circulation should be provided in the attic. The project will already present all the technical conditions and the planned roof covering is described in detail. The laying of this type of tile is low, masonry of the elements occurs slowly, the cost of work increases from this.

Materials for the arrangement of roofs must be stored in an unfinished house. Most often it is laid on a film and a crate is attached over it. Any roof should be ventilated, it is on this feature that its service life depends. The choice of material for the roof balances between ideas and financial capabilities. A crate will be fixed on the film, the size of which corresponds to the coating. The disadvantage of this type of tile is that the steel sheet heats up very much, so a film that has great resistance to temperature is necessarily used.

If it is used as a dwelling, the insulation is placed in the thickness of the roofing slopes. It is much easier to ventilate the roof in which a film with high vapor permeability of the floor is located over the rafters will be protected from precipitation and sun, the floor – from groundwater or moisture, and window openings will provide ventilation. Ventilation should be selected to the materials used for the preliminary coating, and to the functions of the attic.

The metal tile is light and at the same time hard coating, so it does not require solid flooring.

Natural tiles are made of clay, quartz sand, so it turns out very heavy, so it requires a solid rafter structure.  There remains a natural environment between them, which replaces ventilation of the roof structure and thermal insulation. In the attic non -residential, thermal insulation is most often laid on the ceiling.

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