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Cool soup excellent medicine for sore joints

by alanews

To prepare this delicious medicine, take the following healthy products:

2 – 4 fresh beets with a solid top, fresh two cucumbers, seventy -five grams of a young ray, testicles two, spoon two dining rooms, bread kvass one spoon, one spoon of sugar.

Wlee young beets together with the top. Clean the beets in a pan, put it well with water (two cups per serving) and put it for twenty to thirty minutes. In ten minutes until the end of your cooking in this pan, carefully lay out the tops of the beets you bought. Rettered in a pot with the leaves, put it on Druzhlyak or sieve, let the decoction drain, chop it very finely and put in a soup special pan. Add solely chopped fresh cucumbers, cooked in a steep testicle, young beam and ham, sugar, sour cream pour fresh kvass and behind a previously chilled beetroot decoction.

Before serving to the table, sprinkle with very finely chopped herbs.

Cool borsch with baked beets is useful for people with low gymoglobin.

3 (three) cups of beetroot broth, 2 (two) cups of a decoction of potatoes, 2 (two) beets, 4 (four) potato tubers, 2 (two) reconciled testicles, 2 (two) fresh fresh cucumber, 2 cups of sour cream, 60 ( gram) young onions, 20 (grams) dill, sugar one tablespoon of a dining room, beetroot vinegar, greens and salt to their liking.

1 (one) part of the beets are baked in the peel, and clean the other and boil in oxidized vinegar water mass. Clean the baked beets from the peel and, together with the cooked, cut into strips, add boiled potatoes cut, pour pieces of potatoes and beets for previously mixed decoction and put in a dark cold place. After complete cooling, add to borscht, chopped young ham and boiled testicle, peeled and cut into pieces of cucumbers, greens, sugar and mix everything very well.

Serve by putting the cream or sour cream and sprinkled with parsley herbs.

Cool borsch with cooked beetroot

2 (two) beets, 2 (two) potato tubers, two fresh cucumbers, seventy -five grams of a young ray, 2 (two) cooked testicles, sour cream two tablespoons, sugar is one teaspoon, vinegar to their liking.

Clean the beets, cut it with small even cubes, put it in a pan, pour it well with water (two cups per serving from a simple calculation), add a teaspoon of citric acid and put it up for twenty to thirty minutes. Cooked beetroot broth to dash and cool; Put the beets in a pot, cucumbers and boiled potatoes add there, cut into small cubes, chopped eggs and very finely cut young legs, herbs, mustard and sugar. All this should be poured with a broth by the beetroot, add and interfere with the cream.

Serve, sprinkled with greens of a dill or dill.

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