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Learning to control the intimate muscles

by alanews

Inside the pelvic area of ​​your body lies the “hammock” of the muscles that surround your genitals and related organs. Every time you strain and relax these muscles, in essence, you are with yourself without using your hands, which is very convenient, because during sex your hands are often busy with others. The muscles of the pelvic floor also acts as a kind of “springboard” for sexual energy. It helps to spread your excitement throughout the body and increase its intensity.

There is no only correct way to train your pelvic bottom muscles, so feel free to experiment: squeeze, pull, hold and weaken them, as you think it is necessary. Just feel their work, and you can control your excitement and expand the boundaries of orgasm. Your pelvic internal muscles are one of the keys to understanding your sexuality.

The pelvic muscles anatomically surround the erectile zones in both men and women, so their work directly stimulates erogenous zones. During orgasm, they quickly and rhythmically contract and relax, sending the waves of pleasure through the pelvic area, and if you have learned to manage them, then through the whole body. During orgasm, the muscles are reduced automatically, but you also have volitional control over it. That is, you can allow muscles to do your job completely independently or, if you want to expand your experience, you can pump, pulsate them, enhancing the effect.

Are you a man or a woman, you can use the pelvic floor muscles to “pour oils” into your sexual fire. These exercises for the muscles of the pelvis are a frequent advice to loving wives, to questions to sexopathologists about how to restore an erection in a man.  Their work stimulates nerves and increases blood flow to the pelvic area, which has a beneficial effect on erection. The pelvic floor also acts as energy trampoline, “tossing” sexual energy up into the rest of your body.

Keep these muscles in good shape is important for general health throughout the life of a woman. They are used at the birth of a child. Strong, flexible and trained muscles can contribute to effective labor, support the natural course of childbirth, and even contribute to ecstatic childbirth! After the birth of a child, it is especially important to return the tone of these muscles, since they support the pelvic organs and contribute to their normal work at any age.

For women with problems with the management of bladder, with the omission or loss of the uterus, with a tendency to constipation, strengthening these muscles is especially necessary. And for women who want to improve their sexual susceptibility, to learn how to work with these muscles will be the first step. The ability to control the muscles of the pelvic floor is the basis to become an erotic virtuoso.

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