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Decorate the kitchen with a decorative bottle with salt

by alanews

A beautiful decoration for your home and interior will be a decorative bottle of sand inside. Such a thing will greatly delight you with its multi -colored color, because sand can be filled into it in different colors. How to do this, read on ..

Necessary materials:

glass bottle, transparent;

small salt;

food dye and gouache;

Lake for liquid;

Deep plate or bank for dyeing salt.

First, take an ordinary glass bottle, only transparent. Wash it well and dry it. Take the kitchen salt and paint it. To do this, you need to take salt and place it in a jar or deep plate. Then dilute the food dyes in the water. Choose colors to your taste, but so that they are sure to combine. For brightness, you can also use gouache. Mix all this well. Do not forget that each color should have its own separate plate.

Do not save time in the drying of salt. She must dry thoroughly. You can even dry salt in a microwave oven. Only after making sure that the salt is ready, proceed to fill the bottle. Take a regular liquid watering can and insert it into a bottle. Small salt smoothly inside the watering can. After the first layer, immediately add the second and so on. At the end, close the bottle tightly with a cork, lid or foil. If you wish, you can paint the cover itself. That’s all. Your decorated bottle is ready to delight you and your guests.

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