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Exercises from the second chin

by alanews

If you find a double chin at yourself, then you need to urgently engage in it to eliminate it. Cosmetologists say that if the muscles are given a load daily, then the skin will not sag in the area of ​​the chin. In addition, there is a set of exercises from the second chin and solving this problem.

Of course, you can approach the issue radically and contact the clinic of plastic surgery. There, with the help of plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery, the second chin will be removed. But if you are not ready for this yet, you do not want to fall under the surgeon’s knife or it is an invoice for you, you can achieve the desired effect with some exercises.

The first exercise. Take the position of lying down, stretch the arms of the body along. The head is on weight. The essence of the exercise is the lifting of the head to the level so that the feet are visible, and lowering to the level of the shoulders. You can’t put your head. Exercise is done 20 times. If there are diseases of the spine, or problems of the cardiovascular system, then this exercise is strictly contraindicated.

The second exercise. You have to sit comfortably in front of the mirror. Put the elbows on the table, and put the chin on the fingertips. Then pull the chin as much as possible, lifting it slightly. At the same time, with closed fingers, to carry out a light pat on the chin. In total, you need to produce 30 cotton. Several times you need to do this exercise throughout the day.

The third exercise. Get straight. Put your hands on your shoulders. Then stretch the neck up and press the shoulders with your hands. In this case, you need to take a breath. Hold the position and breathing for 10 seconds, then exhale and relax. Repeat 6 times. This exercise is called “giraffe”. Do it several times during the day.

The fourth exercise. Before conducting the exercise, it is necessary to wash off completely makeup. To begin with a network for a chair. Close your mouth and relax the muscles of the face as much as possible. Then put the right elbow on the table, clench the brush in a fist. Put a chin on a fist. Then close the upper lip. The tip of the tongue rest in the upper sky right behind the teeth and press with all his might. There is 5 seconds in this position, then relax the tongue. This exercise is repeated three times.

Fifth exercise. This exercise is called – gymnastics for fashion models. You have to become smooth, while put a thick book on your head. Holding balance, with a book on my head walk around the room for 5 minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor posture. The back should be straight, the shoulders are straightened as much as possible, and the head should be proudly raised. When walking you can not lose a book. This exercise will not only help get rid of a sagging second chin, but also help to develop a beautiful light gait. In addition, after washing, you need to pat on the chin with your hand (back).

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