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The youngest son is a teenager

by alanews

It seems that more recently, the third youngest child in the family was born, and now the problems of adolescence have arrived. How time flew! And what happened to such a calm and obedient boy! So far, everything was fine – school, training, good marks and praise of teachers. Suddenly the world turned over, a continuous contradiction, does not want anything, snaps up to any remark, parents in confusion, teachers come with advice and reproaches, they say, where you looked. What to do and how to survive this tricky time?

Older children already have their own families and live separately. Something I don’t remember such problems with them, there may be too many worries, work and not one, father at the time on business trips, the specifics of the service. How did you grow up, older children? Can talk to them, maybe this will give understanding in the current situation. Daughter – with my mother were on equal terms, like girlfriends, shared all the events, discussed purchases and problems, studies, dad – adored his daughter and simply carried in her arms, because she is smart – and she helps at home and listens to her father, although it can argue, a reasonable creature! And where is her adolescence lost? Daughter – Mom is always busy, regretted her, never talked about problems with friends in which the older brother helped in the solution. That’s what the older brother! The eldest son – friends with his mother, even engaged in business together, he consulted with me on all issues, even asked how I looked today, my son, forgave and tried to understand the late returning home; Father – only serious problems, understanding came when he married, now we are talking on equal terms; The sister is beautiful, there were many problems until she got married; younger brother – was engaged as with her son, until he went far, work.

Conclusion-the departure of the older brother played a role in changing relations in the family, there is no one to talk to the youngest, to consult, everything is not so, and parents do not understand him, treat him as before, as a child. They did not notice that their baby was matured, his worldview changed, and not just the size of the shoes. Maybe the parents themselves need to change, or rather, to change their attitude towards the youngest son. Communication should be on equal terms, you need to consult with his son, talk about his problems, listen to his opinion on this subject, respect his advice and thoughts, even if they seem to you children’s and funny. But how much the self -esteem of your boy will rise, how are his parents considered his opinion, self -confidence and calmness in his voice will appear. In response, you will hear his story about his problems, which will give you the opportunity to understand your son and help him.

The youngest child, and also a late child – a person of a different generation, the difference in age between him and parents is too great. But he is still inexperienced and will not be able to establish relationships with you himself, only your life experience, wisdom and, of course, love will help you understand all the complexity and simplicity of the teenage period in his life.

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