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Fashion hairstyles winter-spring 2014

by alanews

All girls, women and young owners of luxurious hair know how important it is for the hairstyle to be comfortable and neat. However, this is only a small part of the criteria for this beauty element. The hairstyle in our time should be stylish, expressing the originality and uniqueness of the image as a whole.

Fortunately, many young ladies, designers this season tried to create a tendency to grace and simplicity when performing a variety of hairstyles.

In early spring, charming and original braids, weaving will look perfect. In fashion of this season, almost all variations of KOST, without exception: “eight”, “French braid”, “Zhguta”, “fish tail” and many others are present.

A braid with a slight effect of negligence will look united. This can be achieved without combing smoothly and releasing some strands from the main weave. The best for example was hairstyles at the mods of the mod “Giles”, “Alberta Ferretti”.

Now there is no need to spend a long time near the mirror over the creation of a smooth ideal image, the most original will be the hairstyle that seemed to be braided in the dark. After all, you can make such a slightly careless hairstyle and with short hair with your own hands.

However, these options are unacceptable for official meetings and festivities. For cases of celebrations, the best option, will be raised an elegantly-tightened braid and fix it at the top with a unique accessory.

Sophisticated fashionistas should analyze braids from the Junya Watanabe collections, where futuristic stylish notes prevail.

The bundle is also relevant in this season. Most likely, the fashion for beams will remain in the summer, because it is not so hot with such a hairstyle and you can not be afraid with it, because even hats are not afraid of it. Someone will think that the bun is a primitive and boring hairstyle. Then you should familiarize yourself with the last hairstyles of the models “Dolce&Gabbana “. Thanks to the use of hoops, various colors and other original accessories, a bunch turns the image into exquisite, interesting, elegant and feminine.

Smooth and perfectly straight hair also became a hit of the winter-spring 2014 season. The smoothness of the surface of the hair is guaranteed by professional styling tools. Choosing such, in appearance, an ordinary hairstyle, not a single look can break away from the original, fashionable image. At the same time, it is better to refuse the bangs, giving preference to light combs.

A variety of tails are relevant in winter and spring. The stylish tail will look great on both long and short hair of any texture.

The most feminine trend of this season has become hairstyles using a curl and waves, as well as the effect of wet hair. Curls, sexy and sensual, will never go out of fashion, as they look great on women and girls of any age.

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