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DIY detergent at home

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Household chemical stores offer a huge range of goods to maintain cleanliness in the household. Various gels, powders, detergents basically contain chemicals capable of washing any pollution. But their action does not always have a positive effect on human health.

Most chemicals contribute to allergic reactions, in various forms. Of course, household chemicals in bulk in Moscow are well sold and in demand. But you can try to make a detergent with your own hands at home.

There are many recipes for guiding cleanliness based on natural ingredients. Various liquids, cleaners, detergents can be made independently at home.

To wash the dishes, two glasses of boiling water will be required, in which it is necessary to dissolve a glass of soap chopped with chips. Soap should be stirred until completely dissolved. Next, continuing the stirring, add a glass of glycerol, lemon juice and a spoonful of vodka. The gel is a figurative fluid gel. For storage, you can use a plastic container with a narrow neck.

For the manufacture of the cleaner, take a glass of water and the same vinegar, 2 tablespoons of liquid for washing dishes, from the above recipe. From half the lemon, squeeze the juice and 1 teaspoon of starch. With such a cleaner, you can remove spots on enameled surfaces. Storage should be carried out in a plastic bottle with a device for spraying. Before use, the liquid must be shaken.

You can wash the floors with a composition prepared from a handful of finely chopped pine branches or spruce. They should make a decoction in the amount of one glass. Next, add soda to it in the amount of 2 tablespoons and the same amount of salt and soap chips. For effective dissolution, ingredients should be heated with continuous stirring. The consumption of such shampoo corresponds to three tablespoons for 5 liters of water. If you add lemon juice in a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of the cooked shampoo, then the tiled surface will acquire a shine.

The enameled surfaces of the plate is often subjected to shocking “escaped” milk, coffee and other products. To make the cleaning easier, then preliminary a special composition should be applied to the clean surface. To prepare it, you will need, calcified soda 3 tablespoons, washing powder of a tablespoon, silicate glue of a tablespoon. Dilute all these substances in a glass of water and shake. Use a half -liter bottle as a container. Apply the prepared tool with a thin layer to the surface of the plate. The formed film is easily washed off with dirt.

A large amount of detergents should not be prepared, since due to the lack of preservatives they are not subject to long storage.

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