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What is capable of LED tape

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One of the popular ways to decorate with light is the use of LED strips. Decoration is the most important area of ​​application of this type of LED backlight.  This is an environmentally friendly, economical and safe option for lighting.

What can be done using LED tape?

The answer is quite simple – a huge number of original light solutions for the interior and exterior. This applies to simple decoration, illumination of advertising signs, organization of unusual style.

LED ribbons are used to illuminate suspended ceilings. The advantage of this option is the ease of installation. In general, the flexibility of the tape allows you to easily install anywhere.

Flexible LED ribbons are a popular solution not only for shops or advertising, but also like home backlight. Firstly, LED ribbons are used to decorate premises and houses on holidays, but without solemn occasions they will also organize light comfort in the rooms. So, American adolescents are in demand for the LED tape as a solution for designing a room – it adds some charm of the bedroom.

To buy a LED tape, look at the new -light LED lighting store, which promises to efficiently, efficiently and profitably implement a wide range of products.

What is LED tape?

LED tape is generally a long thin microcircuit, into which the LEDs are soldered.

Types of LED tape.

LED ribbons are open and closed. The first option is used where there is no great damp, that is, there is confidence that water or evaporation will not get to the LEDs. On the open LED tape, the LEDs are sealed to the surface, so the water will fall into them with water. This type of ribbons is used to decorate furniture or ceiling with light.

For those places where there is humidity, closed LED ribbons are used. LEDs are protected by a moisture -proof layer. This type is used for decoration of trees, the outer part of the building and in general on the street. Also, such LED ribbons are mounted in baths, baths, saunas.

Keep in mind that closed LED ribbons (they are also moisture -proof LED ribbons) cost more.

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