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Methods of promoting the child

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Helping parents at home, the child feels a full -fledged family member. Do not deprive him of such an opportunity, let him be your assistant. The responsibilities of the crumbs may include such instructions: collecting toys in the house, table setting (laying out spoons, forks and napkins is not a difficult matter), feeding pets, watering flowers.

Make an envelope with leaves on which various tasks will be written for the baby. Take the playing bone, and throw it every day, determining how many tasks the baby has to perform today. In the evening, summarize and come up with encouragement for a little assistant.

Tasks can be sorted by the days of the week. The principle of sorting should be such that one difficult task is equated with two easier. At the end of the week, evaluate the efforts of the baby and encourage him with a small gift.

Surely the child has his own place, which is completely at his disposal. Tell him how to decompose things there more rationally. So that the baby does not feel discomfort that they violate his personal space, allow him to decompose your things. First agree that you will consult, so that the result satisfies both.

The child needs to be vaccinated for his health from childhood. How to accustom a baby to this? Build a poster with a list of daily procedures: “I’m going to brush my teeth”, “I comb”, “I dress in clean clothes”, “I am my pens before meals”, “I take a shower before going to bed”. Be sure to check if all points are made. Mark each performance of the task with a sticker. Set a reward for the implementation of a difficult or unloved assignment. A great way to celebrate the merit of the child is to present medals. Medals can be built yourself (take metal lids from small jars and tie a ribbon to them). On the back of the lid, make the inscription: “winner” or “1st place”. In order for the medal to look more attractive, cover it with shiny nail polish. You can develop a award ceremony script and invite all family members to it.

Make a notebook into which you will glue stickers for good deeds. Draw a route along which you will move with stickers. If the child is seriously guilty, then the stickers can be torn off. Just do not abuse this method of punishment. Be generous and the child will want to do good deeds more to earn points and get to the finish line. On the route, indicate the points on which the baby will receive a prize (book, medal, chocolate). Be sure to make a large point in which the child is more serious (you can buy a dress for a girl that she really liked, visiting a recreation park, a children’s cafe, a circus or theater).

Encourage your child, and he will definitely delight you with his achievements and obedience.

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