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The secret of proper glass cutting

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The secret of proper glass cutting

Professionals emphasize that in everyday life the most convenient glass is glass is a thickness of a thickness that is up to5 millimeters. It is not difficult to cut such glass. For this procedure, you will need glass cutter. When choosing, which you need to be especially careful. Since the speed and lightness of the cutting depends on the quality of glass cutter. In a specialized store, you can find glass cutters as well -known manufacturers who will cost the order higher, and not very much who will cost cheaper. The main thing is to buy a quality tool, try not to purchase a Chinese fake. Reliable glass cutters are lubricated with special oil, pay attention to this.

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Before cutting, make markings on the glass. Next, with the help of a ruler and glass cutter, draw along the marked lines. You need to cut the glass on a hard and flat surface, for this, bed something durable on the table. The main secret of cutting glass is that you need to cut without stopping and with the same pressure. Having cut the glass, immediately carry out the wreck of the edge. Be sure to put on the mittens! Remember that when working with glass you need to be extremely careful. Follow the safety rules.

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