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Septics – a modern alternative to cesspools

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What are septic tanks? These are local sewer systems that allow you to establish a full -fledged system of wastewater removal, as well as their subsequent disposal. Thanks to septic tanks, getting rid of cesspools-a source of stench, hordes of mosquitoes and midges, as well as a regular headache-the need to call the Assenizer machine.

The main advantages of modern septic tanks

These include:

the availability of the cost of the system and the price set for the professional service of the septic tanks;

efficiency in terms of electricity consumption;

compactness and efficiency of work;

Ecology protection guarantee: preservation of the purity of underground sources and land;

strength and lack of oxidation, provided with homogeneous polypropylene and metal used by septic tank manufacturers;

the possibility of organizing mass (volley) discharge of purified wastewater.

Septics Eco-Grand-the choice of reasonable homeowners

This system is recognized as one of the best products of the specialized market. At the same time, an eco-grand septic tank is a 4-angle container divided into 4 departments with 2 aerators installed in them. The combination of these systems with compressors and erlifts (4 pcs.) allows you to quickly and effectively clean the wastewater, removing silt and other contaminants. A powerful deflector is used for air intake. He, in turn, is mounted on the insulated, moisture -permeable system cover.

Using an eco-grand septic tank allows owners of cottages, cottages and private houses to carry out effective biological wastewater treatment, without the appearance of unpleasant odor and pollution of groundwater.

Why is the professional service of septic tanks necessary?

The use of the energy supply system and a number of mechanisms that provide the “cycle” of water, its purification and release requires periodic examinations of the septic tank, as well as the timely implementation of a number of repair and commissioning work.

To perform these actions (in order to avoid premature breakdown of the device you have), it is enough to conclude an agreement with a specialized organization engaged in service service of the biological cleaning station. You can evaluate the quality of work of various companies and make the only correct choice on the basis of reviews posted on the global Internet.

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