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Secrets of eternal youth:

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The secrets of eternal youth

March 17, 2012 Admin

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For most people, the manifestation of external signs of aging is a disaster. All sorts of stress, depression leave a noticeable imprint on the body and appearance.

Looking at your face, you can learn a lot about a person, for example, whether he is happy or not. Due to constant neurosis, the body becomes susceptible to irritating factors, as a result of which it is aging faster. And if we cannot notice internal changes in principle, then externally – we are quite visible even with the naked eye: skin wither, the appearance of small wrinkles and early gray hair, etc.

The lifestyle by almost 90% affects the stability of the body, and hence the appearance as a whole. Therefore, having settled your “schedule” and put a little effort to care for the skin with high -quality cosmetics Oriflame, you can significantly extend your youth. So what to do for this?

one.     It is necessary to get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most important therapeutic secrets. During sleep, the cells independently restore, therefore it is necessary to observe the correct sleep regime, that is, to go to bed early (ideally 21.00-22.00). Singing pleasant with useful, already by 7.00-8.00 o’clock in the morning of the next day you will be full of new strength.

2.     Cold and hot shower

This procedure is required. Alternately changing hot and cold water favorably affects the body, since hot water expands the pores and blood vessels, and cold stimulates blood circulation.

3.     Go in for sports

Do at least the most simple exercises, but every day. Exercising, your muscles will always be in great shape, and the skin will not be flabby.

four.     Diet

Distribute your day to several parts. You can’t eat a big portion once, it is better every 2-3 hours, but not many. You can slightly adhere to a diet, but you should not “leave” into it with your head. You can just make a menu for yourself, for example, like this:

In the morning – porridge;

during the day – meat;

In the evening – vegetables.

And drink as much water as possible.

5.     Posture

Watch your back, sit and walk always perfectly evenly. The stoop is given even an older appearance, reflected in health not for the better.

6.     Avoid abundant sunlight

It is the sun’s rays that damage the skin. Try to be as little as possible under the open sunlight, use special sunscreen from Oriflame or any other manufacturer. Drink as much liquid as possible.

Following these simple rules, you yourself will feel much younger, and strength will come to you as in youth, and your body will noticeably strengthen. Most importantly – do not forget about positive emotions, laugh and smile as often as possible.

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