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The main characteristics of the formwork

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The formwork is a temporary auxiliary structure that provides specified geometric sizes and outlines of the structure or individual concrete elements into which the concrete mixture is laid. Structurally, the formwork includes supporting, supporting and forming elements. The main purpose of the formwork is to give the shape of the concrete mixture until it hardens and achieve the necessary strength by concrete after the collapse.

The formwork can be made independently, but this requires a significant amount of materials and considerable expenses of time and effort. Therefore, today, the rental of wall formwork is widely used, which allows to build this kind of designs in the shortest possible time.

In order for construction work to be carried out in a short time and with high quality, it is necessary that the formwork meets a number of requirements. This design should have sufficient strength, not change its configuration in the process of work under the influence of technological loads and pressure of the concrete mixture, ensure high quality the surface of the formed elements, excluding the appearance of irregularities, shells, curvatures, gaps and cracks. In addition, the formwork should be technological, that is, it is easy to mount and understand, and also could be used many times without additional repair work of various nature.

It is recommended to make all formwork compounds with fast -free. They must ensure impenetrability and sufficient density. For the manufacture of supporting elements of formwork, steel is usually used, which allows you to use them many times. The deck is mainly made of sheet steel, aluminum or some varieties of metal alloys, lumber, various wood plates, plywood, reinforced concrete plates, synthetic materials and fiberglass.

Formwork classification is made according to many criteria. As intended, it happens to obtain horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces. Based on the structural features, the formwork is divided into finely and large-and-and-case, collapsible and lifting-reduced, voluminous and sliding and sliding. The formwork also varies in the materials from which it is made.

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