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Forminal shields: spacers and mounts

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Fasteners consisting of formwork elements are carried out using bolts that are inserted into plastic or metal nests passing through jumpers from the outside. Iron rods with plastic heads serve as spacers. Do not allow the shift and deflection of the formwork, and the reliability of its fastening should also be controlled.

The surface processing of the formwork

For multiple use of formwork, lubricate the shields. For lubrication, special formwork pastes, wax, machine oil or lubricant are used for lubrication. Liquid lubrication must be applied with a pistol-spray.

A mixture for concrete having a neo -factor surface is prepared in concrete -components with a forced effect. It is necessary to compact such concrete using a deep vibrator with a frequency of a duration of about 50 seconds. Repeated vibration can be carried out in about an hour, it will reduce the likelihood of cracking. After the formwork is removed, the concrete should be closed with a film to protect it from dirt, dust and moisture. It is necessary to treat the mimic structure of the stone after a complete hardening of concrete, after about 4-6 weeks with manual or mechanical camnetzes. This process allows you to make grains more noticeable.

The second option involves washing not completely hardened concrete using simple water. As a result, grains are becoming noticeable again. In the case of processing with a sandblasting apparatus, the surface becomes more even, but less plastic. This processing can be carried out after two weeks as the formwork was removed.

Obtaining a special surface of concrete

A special surface of concrete, which is carried out simultaneously with its main part, can be obtained in different ways. For example, using a steel sheet, pulled slowly up or pressing the concrete mixture to the formwork in a couple of suckers.

Elimination of defects, updating and repairing a neo -factory concrete surface.

In order to remove various defects, such as cracks, it is necessary to use synthetic putty. In addition, a trimmed neo -factor surface can be treated with silicone or fluate, which will increase its resistance to corrosion. To create concrete, it is necessary to purchase only high -quality sand.

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