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Facing the stairs with tiles

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A very serious procedure is considered a ceramic tile of a screw staircase. This requires expensive materials. All parameters must be accurately calculated and the volume of work is determined. For such work, the drawing is mandatory. After that, you can choose tiles for cladding, glue and other necessary materials. The spiral staircase has problem places – these are ranging steps on the stairs of the stairs. For facing such areas, the tiles are cut. This moment should be taken into account, since the material consumption increases by about 15%. When choosing all the necessary materials for facing the stairs, it is better not to chase the cheapness. Low quality tile may crack during facing. With cheap tiles, this happens much more often than with an expensive tile.  Therefore, approach the issue of choosing tiles, taking into account quality, not savings. Expensive tiles will provide not only quality, but also a long operational period of the lined surface. The staircase is operated much more intensively than the rooms. The tiles on the stairs wear out two to three times faster than the tile on the kitchen floor. By the way, international cargo transportation is very popular now, this service began to be used because of its effectiveness and prices.

For flooring stairs, experts recommend using ceramic public tiles. Its main advantages are wear resistance, resistance to constant exposure to external factors.  For stairs cladding, matte tiles are best suited. The consequences of operation, such as scratches, for example, will not be so noticeable on such a texture. Matte tiles, unlike glossy, does not lose its color over time, which is another advantage. If you are not going to change the stairs of the stairs every two years, then stop your choice on matte tiles. The color of the tile is also of great importance. Small cracks and scuffs on light tiles will practically not be noticeable. Black tiles will reflect on itself all the consequences of the careless handling with her, which will be striking, changing the aesthetic appearance of the whole stairs in general.  The weak point of such a flooring is the seams.  High -quality grout will cost more, but it will not collapse a couple of weeks after operation.

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