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Features of materials for facade processing

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Each owner of the house wants his housing to always look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, periodically there is a need to carry out work to clean the walls and facades of the structure from various kinds of pollution. These are deposits from atmospheric precipitation, and altitude, and much more.

For this, today there are a variety of materials, the selection of the most suitable of which should be made taking into account the type of wall surface: natural stone, plaster, concrete, brick, and t.D. The main facades and hydrophizators cleansers should be indicated as the main.

The modern facade cleaner is a special substance, which is designed to remove atmospheric origin from the surface of the walls and pollution of atmospheric. Such a tool has many varieties, and it should be chosen based on the features of the processed surface.

In contrast, hydrophobisators are water -repellent agents designed to provide the highest level of protection of the walls of the building from moisture and excessive waterlogging. Thanks to the processing of the walls of the structure, such a material is achieved by its maximum waterproofing. This effect is achieved due to the fact that a thin protective film is formed on the surface of the processed wall, which does not allow moisture to penetrate the pores of building material.

Particular attention should be paid to some moments associated with the work with the facades cleaner and hydrophobisators. It is quite natural that it is better to entrust the processing of processing, but if this is not possible, then it is necessary to take into account a number of basic rules. The main one is that facades purifiers are recommended to be used at ambient temperature, surface and substance itself at least +5 ° C.

Before applying the composition to the surface, you should make sure that it is absolutely dry. The cleaner is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. In this case, a material resistant to acidic media should be used for the manufacture of the tool. The purified surfaces can be treated with hydrophobisators no earlier than in a day. Additionally, rinse the treated surfaces with water is not required. In the process of work, it is necessary to use the means of protecting the respiratory tract and the eyes.

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