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The correct sowing of Petunia

by alanews

Petunia is unpretentious compared to the asters, but in order to get good shoots, it must be correctly sown. As well as Lobelia, Petunia seeds are very small and are afraid of deepening. It is necessary to sow this beautiful flower not in loose, but in compacted earth in February – March. Before sowing, draw a groove with a depth of no more than 2 cm (the groove should also be compacted).

Next, carefully pour grooves with a natural growth stimulant “Energen”, “Buto”, “Cornerost” or similar growth stimulants. Now you can put the seeds and slightly “powder” them with the earth. After planting it is impossible to shed a container with water, since aeration is disturbed during transfusion, and the seeds can deteriorate from dampness.

Cover the container with a plastic film (it should not touch the ground). Since Petunia is thermophilic, the container must be put on a warm windowsill, where the temperature should not drop below 18 ° C. Shoots will appear after about 12-15 days. Petunia should only feed with liquid fertilizers for flowering plants. Top dressing using flower manure is not suitable.


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