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Rules for fastening drywall

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Rules for fastening drywall

How to correctly fasten drywall sheets?

If the correct approach is found to the solution of the issue of attaching sheets of drywall, then it turns out that the main reliable and high -quality frame for attaching such sheets has already been made, and, therefore, it remains only to correctly and carefully attach the drywall sheets themselves to the frame.

For many who begin to work for the first time with drywall sheets, often a logical question arises of which side should be attached to the sheets of drywall itself. The main reason is that you need to look not just at its color, special attention should be paid to the existing end of the drywall sheets, and it is necessary that it be at an angle, and also, a groove is formed with a direct docking between two sheets of drywall. Subsequently, such a groove will be reiled quite easily when using putty.

If the frame designed to install sheets of drywall, then it can be considered that the installation of drywall sheets itself will be carried out without any incidents. It’s just wonderful when it is made, a small design, for example, an arch from drywall – you can easily cope with this type of repair work yourself. But at the same time, it is necessary to clearly understand how one can neatly and correctly need drywall sheets to the ceiling. Of course, the most optimal option would be to attract any family member to support the edge of the strengthened sheet of drywall.

Before fastened to fasten the drywall sheets to the prepared frame, you should first check the correctness of the electric wiring. Of course, before the process of strengthening sheets of drywall, the heat and sound insulation should be initially installed. Only after such a detailed check can it be installed by drywall sheets, starting from the angle of the entire planned design. Without fail, all the edges of the sheets should rely on all elements of the existing profile. In order to completely avoid the possibility of any cracks after the finishing of the surface (this applies to the most part of the installation of any ceiling from high -quality drywall), sheets are installed so that their parts do not coincide.

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