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Prochlad dietary borsch with radishes

by alanews

If you decide to sit on a light diet, I recommend you a useful recipe with which you can sit on a diet with pleasure.

So, we will start directly preparing. You will need: 2 beets, 250 (grams) of a radish with leaves, 250 (grams) fresh cabbage, one large and hard head onion, one cream cup, 10 (grams) dill, greens in its personal taste.

White cabbage, beets, onions and ham, cut into strips, pour a small amount of boiled hot water or milk and put out for six to eight minutes, add salt and greens, the remaining cool boiled water, cream or sour cream.

Serve, sprinkled with crushed leaves of radishes and parsley or dill.

Cool dietary borsch based on radish

To cook this dish will need:

3 home beets, one radish, two hundred fifty grams of white cabbage, one onion, one cup cream, two tablespoons of chopped dill, greens to their own taste.

White cabbage, beets, onion, cut into strips, pour a small amount of hot water or hot milk and put out for 4 – 6 minutes. Then cool well, add a chopped radish, greens and, of course, salt, the remaining cool boiled water, cream or sour cream for previously strips.

Serve with a dill.

Cool borsch of young beets

Four glasses of beetroot decoction, one – two beets, one carrot, one – two fresh homemade cucumbers, seventy -five grams of young fresh onion, two testicles, two cups of sour cream, one spoon of a dining room of sugar, a tablespoon of 3%vinegar or citric acid or citric acid , 15 (grams) greens, greens to your liking.

Clean, cook, cook, decoct, cool, cool. Cucumbers, cooked beets and carrots cut even strips. Prepare further the same as on the principle of the recipe of the beetroot. Then add vinegar and cooled beetroot brothel in borscht.

Superior borsch with stewed beetroot

5 (five) pcs. Beetroots, chopped young ham, 3 (three) testicles, boiled boiled, two fresh homemade cucumbers of medium size, sour cream four tablespoons, vinegar or citric acid, sugar, dill, herbs and salt to their taste.

Cut the beets into strips and put out in a not very large amount of water oxidized by vinegar. Pour the right amount of boiled chilled water, add greens and sugar. Put cucumbers cut into chilled soup in small squares, chopped eggs, dill.

Pull young beets without citric acid, also use its stems and leaflets. Before serving, season the soup with vinegar and sugar so that it acquires soft sweet – sour taste. Add cream and chopped dill.

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