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Advantages of flexible tiles

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Nowadays, flexible tiles are very popular, so it is applied quite widely. This is due to the fact that the cost of such roofing material is moderate along with high operational characteristics.

The service life of a flexible roof is about 50 years, and during installation a minimum percentage of waste is reached. Such tiles can be laid independently, while providing high tightness, elements of flexible roofs do not have paroism and have an extraordinary degree of noise absorption. A wide color scheme of tiles should also be added to this, which allows you to turn the house into a picture.

Before you coating the roof with soft tiles, you must first make a continuous crate, which is practically non -waste. The flexible tile itself is the elements, which are based on a particularly durable glassolt, reliably reinforced with three layers of bitumen mass. Thanks to this, flexible roofing has strength, tightness, elasticity, resistance to aging and atmospheric influences. After the flexible tile is laid, it sticks together in an absolutely sealed, monolithic pie nailed to the roof frame.

The soft roof has low thermal conductivity, which is a guarantee of the lack of snow and ice avalanches in the spring when heating the roof. Also, soft tiles perfectly extinguish all the noises that penetrate from above. In the process of installing a soft roof, very few waste remains, so the amount of material required is very easily calculated. The slight weight of the flexible tile allows you not to worry about the need to strengthen the supporting structure.

If the roof of the building has a complex configuration, then the soft roof is the most optimal solution in this case. It is easy to install, and all damaged elements can be easily replaced by new ones without much effort.

Flexible tiles have all the operational properties of natural, since the technology of the production of soft roof provides for its upper layer by basalt granulatory or mineral crumbs, due to which the decorativeness of the roof is achieved, and it also becomes possible to give it a variety of colors of color. For hermetic contact of a flexible roof with a roof, a layer of glue is not applied to the lower edge of the elements.

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