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Problems of repairing apartments in Novostroy

by alanews

Today, the question is relevant for many – is it worth making repairs in your apartment in a house that has just been commissioned or should it be held, if so, how much time you need to wait? Any, more or less interested in this issue, the owner knows that the house is shrinking over time. Much depends on the quality of the material and the work carried out at this facility. Therefore, experts recommend placing lighthouses at the key angles and joints of the apartment and if they move for less than 3 mm in three months, you can safely make repairs of the entire apartment. And in order not to waste time in vain, you should order a design project. Also applies to repair of the studio apartment in St. Petersburg.

Next, follow a certain repair scheme. According to the wishes of the customer, reflected in the architectural project, internal walls are built, redevelopment in the BTI bodies is agreed. Wiring is laid, pipes are laid, a new screed is made, since it is usually of low quality from builders, crumbles. Then the walls are leveled, often it is better to use a reinforcing grid, since the house requires some more shrinkage. In addition, experts recommend using materials that indulge in deformation – stretch ceilings, laminate.

When the final work is completed, the most pleasant moment comes – buying furniture and household appliances and moving to your own apartment with champagne and cake.

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