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Propolis from the fungus of the nails and feet of the legs.

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The treatment method for the nail fungus and feet, using propolis!Treatment of fungus on the nails and feet with propolis. Nail fungus is a disease that is very common in many people of completely different ages and gender. A disease that does not give most people peace and to this day.There are many questions in humanity about the proper treatment of the fungus. It is difficult to read honestly, because this disease is cured for such a long and painful period that lasts up to a year. As well as the probability of renewing the disease is also possible. Some people have been suffering from it for 20 years.In a scientific fungus is called – onychomycosis. This infection “holds on to you very tightly and long”, it can affect not only nail tissue, but also the skin that is on the legs.

Well, to this is what I get in, the treatment should have a comprehensive approach. You are properly contacted not only in the hospital, but also do not forget about great traditional medicine.Despite the fact that doctors are skeptical of self -medication, there are a lot of people who managed to get rid of the disease with the help of traditional medicine. To date, propolis is a very effective and popular remedy.A few words about the medicinal properties of propolis. Propolis adversely affects different microorganisms, and also has vague medicinal properties. How can propolis help cure a fungus of nails and feet?Many doctors were personally convinced that propolis helps to restore vision, helps to cure a slight gastritis and severe stage of stomach ulcers, regulates the nervous system, people begin to feel good, their memory and physical condition are increasing, and can help with burns of varying degrees, slowsmen, abscesses , chirks. In general, propolis is a drug that has comprehensive use.

Let’s move directly to the folk methods of treating fungus.Methods of treatment of fungus: 1. You will need patience, you must make tampons every day a fungus with a twenty percent tincture or propolis extract. For some time, the patient will disappear, and the new one will grow strong and healthy.2. Up the legs thoroughly, then clean the soft tissue on the nail, then make a thirty -minute application propolis. That is, you must literally wrap the sick nail and finger propolis. Do this for a day two three times 30 minutes. After two to three months you will see the result. 3. Mix ten milliliters of medical alcohol and ten grams of propolis. What was mixed should stand until propolis dissolves. Then you need to steam the nail, clean it, and apply every evening to the affected place for a day.These recipes are suitable for both nail treatment and feet.Good recovery to you!

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