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Purchase guide: ventilation grilles and diffusers

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Diffusors and ventilation grilles are “lids with a lattice structure” that close the ventilation hole in the floor, wall or ceiling through which air passed (to or from the room). They are designed as part of the ventilation system, and modern gratings designs allow them to make them inconspicuous or aesthetically pleasant from a visual point of view. In this article, we will highlight the main differences between simple ventilation grilles diffusers.

Diffusers are used more often in ventilation systems, where the cooling or heating system is used. They have a damper that allows you to control, direct or diffuse the flow of air that enters the room. Diffusers can direct air in one, two, three or four different directions. They are installed on the wall or in the ceiling so that cold air can enter the room or in the floor when you need to raise hot air.  If the diffuser is closed (locked), then the temperature in the room can change hard. Most diffusers have dampers in the form of a lattice.

Ordinary ventilation grilles are placed, as a rule, on systems where it is required to stretch the air from the room. They have no dampers that can control the air flow. Ventilation grilles are placed on the holes in the floor, ceilings and walls, as well as diffusers. Their presence helps air circulation – there can be many such gratings throughout the house in the whole house.

Ventilation grilles and diffusers are made from different materials, including plastic, wood and metal. The simplest and cheapest lattices are made of white plastic. To find a beautiful diffuser or designer grate, you need to go to a specialized store. In Moscow there is a company “SPS”, which produces aluminum lattices, including decorative lattices, as well as diffusers.

To choose the right lattice or diffuser, you need to measure the size of your ventilation hole. Keep in mind that ventilation grilles may have regulated or unregulated blinds. If you have regulated blinds, then you have more control over the air flow that enters the room. With their help (as in the heating system in the machine), you can direct the air flow in the right direction. Usually, in the summer, cold air is directed up, and in winter warm air is directed down.

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