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Enarry of fire

by alanews

Invented back in the 12th century in China, the fireworks are widespread around the world, becoming an integral part of any important celebration. In Russia in Peter’s times, fireworks completed almost every event. In Italy and Germany, there were even special pyrotechnic schools.

Nowadays, festive fireworks are an extraordinary variety of shapes and colors. This is not only a traditional “bombs”, but also hundreds of other most diverse species – from explosions of placers of multi -color lights to the imagination of static and even dynamic figures in the sky.

A cascade of lights soaring into heaven, fiery paths and inscriptions, fountains and waterfalls, explosions that break the silence of the night, cause a storm of emotions among the audience. This incredible action will not leave a single person indifferent. Pyrotechnic shows are very popular around the world. It became truly art.

Ground fireworks are applicable at celebrations with a small number of guests. They act at an altitude of 10-15 meters from the Earth and are all kinds of turntables, fountains and inscriptions from contour candles.

Park fireworks are more impressive at an altitude of about 60 meters. Here the most popular are Roman candles and more powerful drilling compositions.

But the most unforgettable and spectacular are high -rise fireworks. Exploding at an altitude of 300 meters, they cover the entire celestial vault with a colored fire dome, scattering into thousands of particles that fold into intricate patterns and figures. Such a sight will make you hold your breath with everyone’s delight.

Now it became possible to conduct fireworks and indoors, as well as in the daytime. In the afternoon, charges with confetti, colored smoke, sparkling fountains are used in the day, and in the room – these are low -dummer compositions, firewoods.

Any holiday can be given a special sound, make it an unforgettable sight with the help of an enchanting pyrotechnic representation. Trading House “Heavenly Saluits” in Bryansk will help turn an ordinary event into a real triumph.

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