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Elastic flooring and caring for them

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Modern fashion dictates its own rules in everything. And since it has the ability to change very often, sometimes it becomes difficult to follow her trends. The same can be observed in the development of flooring. If earlier, the ultimate dream of a domestic resident was a parquet floor or good imported linoleum. Then now from such a variety of proposals for flooring, just eyes run up.

It would seem, what is it, because the floor is not a wall. But depending on what he will be dressed, the general interior also depends. Moreover, recently, the consumer’s tendency has become more and more soft coatings, thanks to the simpler installation and operation. At the same time, a large assortment of colors, puts them on a par with hard types of coatings. The choice of soft coating is primarily due to the financial component, as well as the conditions in which the material will have to operate. But install the coating is still half. And so that it does not lose its appearance over time, you need to know how to care for it.

When choosing linoleum, it should be noted that this coating is natural and artificial. Natural linoleum is made of linseed oil, wood flour and other natural ingredients. It is resistant to heating, and can even be used when heating the floor. Wear on wear and therefore can be used for classic furniture on rollers. Thanks to its properties, it does not require any special conditions of content, but due to the features of production, quite roads.

The artificial linoleum differs somewhat in its characteristics, the production of which is based exclusively on PVC technology. This type of coating also has good wear resistance and excellent thermal insulation. But due to the use of synthetic materials, contact with any solvents is extremely undesirable. In addition, there are no racks to heating. In view of which it cannot be used in production facilities. Especially where chemically aggressive environments are used.

One of the oldest species is a woven carpet, which is still made using classical technology on a weaving machine. Naturally, the price of such an element of the decor is not the lowest. But it is also used, as a rule, not the poorest people. Like any natural pile coating requires careful care and does not tolerate any aggressive environments. It is better to invite professionals for cleaning expensive carpets. In this case, only special products are used without chlorine content.

Quartz-vinyl tiles-this coating is very well suited for rooms with intense movement, as well as where the wheel technique is used. Very resistant to aggressive environments and large loads, and does not require special care.

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