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How to survive the heat?

by alanews

Summer is a good time when you can throw heavy fur coats and coats and boast of bright, light outfits. However, even such a pleasant season is fraught with many insidious surprises.

If winter is cold, wind and colds, then summer is heat, exacerbation of heart disease, pressure fluctuations ..

To get the maximum pleasure from the summer season and stay healthy and vigorous, you must follow some rules.

• It is known that the peak of solar activity is approximately 11-16 o’clock in the afternoon. At this time, it is better to refrain from walking under the scorching sun rays. If this is necessary, on open parts of the body (arms, legs, neckline), a special sunscreen should be applied. Do not ignore the face and lips. They are most affected by ultraviolet radiation. In order to avoid trouble, you must use a headdress and clothes of spacious styles and light shades. Women can also use fans. This is a wonderful accessory and a light cooling tool.

• While in the room where the air conditioning works, it is best to avoid direct cold air flows. It should be remembered that the difference in the temperature of the street and the room should be a maximum of five degrees, otherwise, the body will not be able to adapt correctly to low temperature, and the probability of catching a cold is very high. It is better to set the Daikin air conditioner with an inverter in the house in the house. They usually include service and warranty service with delivery and installation in price.

• High air temperature often causes thirst. To do this, it is better to use not carbonated and not sweet water. During the heat, you can drink up to one and a half liters of water per day. But it is better to refuse alcoholic beverages, strong tea and coffee. These drinks increase blood pressure. They can disable in the midst of the summer season. It is also worth lifting trips to the bathhouse and sauna. They give a large load on the heart. But the cool or contrast shower will be just by the way. He will give the necessary body freshness and vigor.

• If a vacation at the resort does not coincide with plans, you can use an alternative option – a visit to the pool. This will strengthen health (in particular, the heart) and will be a pleasant refreshing procedure in the summer period.

• sultry time – the right time to refuse smoking, or you can reduce the number of cigarettes. It will be much easier to endure the heat, and health benefits are quite obvious.

• Summer – season of vitamins. Therefore, it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables as often as possible and eat more. Salads, juices, fruit desserts – all this will help strengthen health a year ahead.

Despite the hot weather, summer can be turned into a favorable and wonderful season. If you prepare correctly, it can be carried out with great benefit for yourself and your health. And even the merciless heat will not hurt this.

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