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How to wean a child to suck a dummy. Practical tips

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Immediately after birth, the child is normally born with a sucking reflex that performs the vital function of nutrition with mother’s milk. However, even outside the period of feeding, the child has a need for sucking. If the baby is not offering a worthy alternative, then he will pull the pens into the mouth. It was in order to avoid this that humanity came up with the greatest invention – the so -called “dummies”. At first, undoubtedly, she plays the role of an indispensable assistant, helping to calm the child, distracting from external stimuli, contributes to a more calm sleep – both the child and his mothers.

But in the future, with the growth and development of the child, he increases the need for closer contact with the outside world. The development of knowledge about the surrounding babies at a certain stage is carried out, also through the mouth. That is why the baby pulls into his mouth, licks and sucks everything that will not fall into his handles. But what to do if the mouth is busy with a dummy? The most nimble children spit a dummy and, having plentifully sucking the object that came under the arm, again returning behind the nipple, independently pulling it back into the mouth.

Approximately when the baby is performed for half a year, he has the first chance to abandon the dummy. According to experts, this is the most suitable time to refuse the nipple.

If the habit of sucking the dummy is delayed, then this, according to dentists, can cause the formation of an incorrect bite. According to speech therapists, the child is more behind the development of speech, if it abuses a nipple. According to psychologists, from the moment of development of the ability to respond to the outside world of the nipple distracts the child from his knowledge, which, again, is poorly affected by his development. These reasons are enough to begin to gradually wean a child from the nipple from a six -month -old age. Children’s psychologists recommend (in order to avoid psycho -traumatic situations associated with the loss of the nipple), do not throw this habit sharply, but to switch to this smoothly.

In this case, it is recommended to use a number of practical methods:

Firstly, if the child has learned to drink, then you must definitely try to eat him from the cup as soon as possible to wean from the bottles as quickly as possible.

Secondly, do not propose a nipple on your child if he is abstract and does not ask for it himself.

Thirdly, let’s feel the opportunity to feel as many objects as possible so that his fingers are getting stronger, and he had the opportunity to get acquainted with the outside world through touch.

Do not forget that there is another most important rule: pay more attention to your child, communicate with him, touch him. The more attention the baby receives, the less he will need a nipple, and the faster he will get rid of this habit.

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