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How to lose weight in the hips and legs

by alanews

If you highlight the most problematic places when losing weight, then one of the first applicants for this title will be buttocks and hips. After all, it is known that the fight against excess weight is often a process that lasts throughout life, gaining extra pounds – there is nothing easier. And throwing them much more difficult. Especially in places like hips and buttocks, and indeed legs. So you need a special approach.

Of course, many are trying to cope with this problem with the help of gym halls. But here you can overdo it and get the effect from the desired – do not lose weight, but only pump. Therefore, you need to approach the problem on the other hand. And yet, how to lose weight in the hips and legs?

Let’s start with proper nutrition. You need to eat as balanced as possible. No need to limit yourself in one or another food, but you need to eat everything on time and in moderation. For example, carbohydrates should be taken only in the morning – morning porridge or, for example, muesli will help for this.

It is worth paying attention to lunch, however, you should not lean on them in an unnecessarily. After all, their sufficient amount will be kept in a plate of good soup.

And the protein must be postponed for the evening – one hundred boiled meat will not be damaged in the evening, but, on the contrary, will satisfy the need for protein to the fullest.

Of course, you can eat between meals, but, again, you need to adhere to the principle of rationality – the advantage should be for fruits or fresh greenery – but at least not tomatoes.

But not only food is the basis of losing weight – various physical activity is no less important. Some helps the use of acupuncture for weight loss. It is not necessary to overdo it with various methods and loads, but it is important to compensate for hypodynamia.

Consider six simple exercises.

one. Plie for the hips. Legs should be put on shoulder width apart, hands behind the head, back to hold equal. Then make fifty slow deep squats.

2. Lift the legs lying on the side. It is necessary to keep the body exactly during execution. Do 3 approaches 8 times for each leg.

3. The lateral lifts of the hips. They are performed lying on the side, while when inhalation the leg rises five or ten times as high as possible.

four. Substance of the inside of the thigh. For losing weight, often the muscles should not be strained, but stretch. Therefore, with the shoulders placed on the width width, it is necessary to stretch with your hands on the floor with a flat back and linger, counting up to eight. And so three times with tension of each leg alternately.

5. Exercise for the inside of the hips. It is performed lying on the back with his legs raised by the removal of the legs to the sides – then one or two.

6. Horse abduction. You need to sit on the floor, put your palms on the floor, and stretch your legs. The hips must be torn off the floor and slide forward until the body becomes a straight line. Then, holding the hips on weight, pull the toe of one or another leg as high as possible.

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