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How to strengthen children’s immunity

by alanews

As soon as the baby was born, you try to protect him from all infections, of course, at first, your milk helps to strengthen the baby’s immunity. Plus, when the child is born, there are already antibodies in his body that fight diseases, but by 6 months there are fewer, which is why it is important to breastfeed for at least a year.

When the baby was born, they let mom feed the baby, and he eats colostrum. It contains antibodies, immunoglobulins, hormones, vitamins, etc.D., Therefore, doctors consider this a “vaccination” for the child.

Doctors assure that you can’t argue with genetics, so the kids cope with diseases differently, but they are sure that if the child receives enough affection, contact with parents and love, he is less defeated to diseases, and his immunity is much higher. Why? Everything is simple – the child feels your smell, and understands that your mother is nearby, which means that he is safe! Being next to his mother, the child develops endofrin, which affects the immunity, of course, positively.

Doctors advise not to listen to those people who say to you that it is better not to take the baby’s hands. Alas, if you take the child in his hands, he will calm down faster, will not be capricious, cry, and feels protected, and these are only positive emotions, and what they give, see above.

Doctors advise to harden the child, and then his immunity will become stronger. Everything is true, if you are correctly temping the child, then he will not be afraid of drafts, frosts or heat. How to do it right better, consult a doctor. Wearing a child should be on this principle: as yourself, but one layer of clothing is more. For young children, it is worth looking for it in good online stores from high -quality knitwear to avoid skin irritation from synthetics.

Immunity and intestines

The intestines are most responsible for immunity. The thing is that 80% of the cells live in it, which are responsible for strong immunity. Therefore, try to choose a diet that will help to grow beneficial bacteria.

Do not forget that it is sometimes useful to give the child to pull toys in his mouth. After all, in this way the body trains, and learns to resist different bacteria and diseases. Remember if it is too protected by a child, it will be weak, because the body will not get used to the fight.

When entering feeding, consult with a doctor, what fruits and vegetables can be given to the child, because they have a lot of necessary vitamins in them! Когда ребенок повзрослеет, и ему можно будет кушать много «взрослой» еды, старайтесь кормить ребенка только полезными продуктами, не покупайте сладкую воду, чипсы, сухарики, полуфабрикаты и т.D. Use the right, healthy diet! Thanks to him, your child will be energetic, immunity will be high, which means the child will be healthy!

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