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How Swedish architects handed over the theme of the Subsechno-General Agriculture in the Museum of Forest Finns

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Last year, the construction of the Forest Finns Museum near Torsbi (Sweden) was completed. The project was developed by Bornstein LyCkefors. Buildings immediately attract attention with a double facade, the second of which is made of logs. The interior reminds of the frying agricultural agriculture.

Subsechnor agricultural agriculture is a primitive form of agriculture of the forest zone, when the forest was burned, and plants were planted in its place to grow foods.

In fact, the Torsby Finnskog Center Center is not devoted to the method of agriculture itself, but rather the history of the Scandinavian forests as part of the culture of forest Finns. Architects from Bornstein LyCkefors wanted to convey their impressions of the old agricultural practice within the framework of this project, which was brought to Sweden in 1600 by Finnish immigrants, known as forest Finns. They lived by burning forests and the use of scorched pieces of territory for agriculture. The museum talks about their lifestyle and designers wanted architecture to also reflect this topic.

The museum is built in the forest, not far from Torsbi. The building was erected on the basis of the building of the old school, and three hundred logs were brought from the local forest to protect the territory (creation of the second facade). It is interesting that the logs were not treated with antiseptics (which are sold on the site and usually must be used when working with wood), they were also not painted, not polished and did not use any other means on them. The logs were exposed from the bark, split in half and placed on the racks. Incompletion and lack of processing is part of the project – architects say that as it is aging, the tree should show its age.

The exterior of the museum itself was painted black. This one -story building was repaired and fully processed by various impregnations, as befits wooden construction.

The interior is decorated with wood and painted black. This is another reference to the cultural heritage of forest Finns. The Finns used houses for heating houses, allowing smoke to stay under the roof. A carpet with a print that depicts scorched ground was laid on the floors.

There was practically no redevelopment of the premises. It turned out that existing audiences are just suitable for the purpose of the exhibition in the form in which they were originally built.

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