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How to make a gate with your own hands?

by alanews

There is no doubt that the most important part of the modern individual dwelling is a fence that consists of a fence, gate and gate. We will talk about the gates – the place through which people and transport penetrate your yard.

The gate should be simultaneously combined with the fence of materials and the design, and be practical, as well as perform their functions. They should be strong, reliable, simple in operation, durable.

Before ordering or making a gate with your own hands, you have to choose – they will be sliding or swinging, as well as automatic or mechanical.

Sliding the most common gates today. Structurally, they are made so that when opening or closing, they move parallel to the fencing.

They have obvious advantages – are convenient to operate, reliable, have a long service life, they can be automated, they require a minimum of maintenance.

It should be noted that the sliding gates need a certain territory so that they can be rolled up (less than for the swing gates). Also, for their device, it is necessary to concrete the foundation.

The swing gates are used less often – for fences where it is impossible to install sliding, or with a rare use of the gate. Their advantages:

Simplicity of manufacture

Low cost



Simplicity of service

Keep in mind that such a goal design needs a large space outside or inside the site so that you can open the gate.

In the manufacture of sliding gates, the following parts are significant.

Important for the gate are their canvas. It is necessary to remove the traces of corrosion, oil and cover with anti -corrosion coating with particular thoroughness. Stain the gate using alkyd enamel. Also making the canvas, it is necessary to make a frame and sheathe the canvas with any material. At the end, the canvas are installed, strengthening it on the foundation.

Swing gates are much easier to manufacture. All kinds of materials, for example, steel pipes and various sheathing are used for them. Staining in industrial conditions is carried out by powder dyes, which perform the function of corrosion protection.

Knowing all this, it will be easier for you to decide which gates will suit you more, whether you will make them yourself or order them to professionals.

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