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How to accustom a child to reading books

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The age of the child for learning reading can be different. There is an opinion that girls show more interest and accordingly begin to read earlier than boys. But this is only an unproven assumption. Therefore, only parents can determine the moment, since they always watch the child.

Learning by the game.

For this method, different toys with the image of the letters will be needed. It can be cubes, toy books or even e -books from the Yakaboo store. You can hang in a place convenient for a child a colorful illustrated poster with an alphabet. You need to read together helping the baby and prompting. You can also train without looking up from everyday affairs. For example, walking on the street or driving on a bus read interesting signs. Letters and words can be written in the snow or chalk on the asphalt and ask the child to read.

Children’s literature.

The range of children’s books is quite large. You need to start with the standard literature of famous classic authors. Also pay attention to the design of the book and the font size. It is better to choose books with many bright pictures that will cause an interest in the child and he will want to read. It is easier for children to remember the plot of the read story.

For very young children, books in which there are few text, many illustrations and cardboard pages are suitable. There can be small rhymes, short tales, riddles or funny descriptions of animals. It is important to check the content of the literature. Children like the changed facial expressions and intonation: if the cat is meowed, the sparks are to be rolled.

Older children take poems, stories, fairy tales with pictures. Give preference to books with large letters and pages where, in addition to illustrations, there are 2-3 sentences. Children are very restless and are unlikely to come off for reading from the game. Wait for the time when the child is free and invite him to choose the book that he wants.

Gingerbread method.

You cannot force the child to read. Thus, only tears and whining can be achieved. It is better to use the gingerbread method by offering the baby a reward for the story read. For example, for two books read, he can go to an entertainment center, a toy store or attractions. Change offers all the time.

Rules for parents.

one. Do not cost a stack of books in front of the child and say that it needs to be read. A large number of children scares and beats off all desire.

2. Make notes what stories the child read with notes and how next time you can’t make mistakes.

3. Put the books in a prominent place in the baby in the room. Let him know that they are, and his pictures will interest him.

four. Come up with peculiar reading rituals. These can be family meetings, various competitions and competitions.

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