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How to purchase a dwelling without a realtor help

by alanews

Most people who want to buy an apartment turn to intermediaries, since independent conduct of such transactions with real estate are fraught with serious consequences and take a large amount of time. Nevertheless, some buyers are fundamentally or in order to save money abandon the intermediary services of real estate agencies and private maclers and are decided to independently conduct this operation with housing.

To minimize all kinds of risks when buying housing, a potential buyer needs to adhere to the next algorithm of actions:

• Firstly, you need to purchase newspapers and magazines with announcements for the sale of real estate and choose the options suitable for it. Then the potential buyer should call those numbers indicated in the ads. He must conduct a conversation exclusively with the owner or one of the co -owners of the apartment sold. Because only these people have the right to sell their housing.

• After the buyer agrees with several sellers on a personal meeting and conducting an inspection of the apartment being sold, he needs to decide on what he will focus on when talking with the seller and when examining the housing. If the buyer intends to bargain, then he must get acquainted with the situation in the real estate market and find out how much housing costs similar to what he plans to purchase.

As for the inspection of the dwelling, it must occur in the daytime, so that the buyer can see all the shortcomings of the apartment sold, which its owner will try to hide.

• When housing is chosen for the purchase, a person needs to make sure that redevelopment (if it takes place to be) is legalized that the seller has all the documentation necessary for the transaction, that the seller is not registered in the narcological center or psychiatric dispensary. Of course, the seller is not obliged to present such a certificate to the buyer, but the latter should be convinced by any means in the opposite. After all, if at the time of signing the contract of sale the owner of the apartment sold is insane, and this fact will be opened only after a while, then the transaction may be declared invalid. Then the buyer will have to sue the former owner for the property and the right to live in it.

And the last. The purchased dwelling should be legally clean. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to independently check the apartment for legal cleanliness, so experts strongly advise customers at least at this stage of the transaction to use the services of lawyers, for example, on the website of the Katsailidi and partners’ lawyer bureau or lawyers.

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