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How to prevent childhood injuries in a private house

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The presence of a private country house, periodic visits there with the whole family – this should already have parents for the natural fear for the safety of their child in a private building behind the city. What dangers can be in wait for a small person in their own house? First of all, we are talking about fascinating the eyes of threatening clusters of icicles that generously cover the edges of the roofs during the alternation of frosts and thaws. In order to protect his baby from the fall of heavy ice formations, during the construction of the house, attention should be paid to the sufficiency of the thermal insulation of the roof and the presence of snow retainers of a tubular nature, which, as it were, cut those masses of snow that accumulate on our roofs and in the event of a fall threaten the child at least with a strong fright, with a strong fright, maximum – quite serious injuries. By the way, now, when building private houses, only high -quality building materials are used, now you can find good building materials on the BAZA5 website.

The right decision will provide all these nuances at the stage of building a home and even its design. Moreover, it is advisable to ensure the proper level of thermal insulation by not independent efforts, buying disparate parts, which, in your opinion, will subsequently make a quality design, and by appealing to the help of professional designers.

Thus, a competent approach to the choice of roofing involves the use of metal tiles, since only this material in conditions is sufficiently harsh winter with temperature changes will provide protection against forming moisture.

If you have made a decision on Western fashion to arrange a nursery in the attic, provide a constipation in advance on the castle of exit to the roof, since sooner or later the moment will come when your child decides to get there, and this is fraught with very unpleasant consequences.  Also, if there is a attic at home, you should provide for the folding staircase on it, so that the child does not accidentally be there.

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