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How to install doors from MDF correctly

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Today the market offers a huge selection of doors. The most demand is doors made of natural wood and from MDF. MDF material is a medium-density woody boat slab. MDF more persistent material in relation to the fungus and moisture, and this is a good plus in the characteristic. Unlike natural wood, it has a lower weight, which facilitates the installation of the door block. To install doors from MD

F, you need to know all the features and nuances.

MDF, along with strength, has the property of flexibility, so the slopes should be perfectly prepared. For greater confidence, bars are installed in the doorway, aligned in level, and the entire door block is already attached to them.

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Otherwise, this threatens with deformation of the door frame. The same effect can be due to a large amount of installation foam. By the way, its deficiency can also lead to deformation. After installation, the door must be closed and left in this state until the foam is completely dried. In the case when it is impossible to keep the doors closed, the spacers of bars are used. They must correspond to the standard size to the doorway. Spacers are installed in three places: at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the opening.

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