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How to care for nails properly

by alanews

To look beautiful, you need not only to follow fashion, have a style and have a beautiful figure. This is not enough. Particular attention should be paid to the nails. If the hands (nails) look untidy, then all efforts and care for beauty simply disappear. To make a good manicure, it is not necessary to visit a beauty salon. It can be made at home yourself.

In order for the manicure to correspond to the image of the ideal one must only remember a few recommendations and adhere to them.

Let’s think about where the manicure procedure in the salons begins? Of course with hand washing. So, at home we will also make. First you should remove the remains from the previous varnish using a special liquid. The liquid can be selected in the constituent with your taste, there are a lot of them in stores, but here you can rely only on your preference, then wash your hands well in soap water. With the help of a brush or wooden stick, the dirt should be cleaned well, which is assembled under the nails (from where it is collected constantly, no one can answer). After cleaning, wash your hands well again and dry them. This is a special moment, because the varnish does not fall on the wet nails or falls with ugly stripes, which will ruin the entire effect of the manicure.

Then you need to walk on all nails with a file. A file is needed to give shape to the nails. You can choose any form: square, oval, round. Just do not forget that long nails interfere with the usual things and households a little. We should also not forget that long nails are more often breaking than short or medium -length nails. But here, too, you can rely only on your decision, about the length.

On the prepared nails, you should go through a polish file. This type of file has a difference from a conventional file. Politable saw has a softer surface. It does not destroy the nail plate, but gently polishes it (smoothes irregularities and roughness). In addition, pay attention to the cuticles, if they are in good condition, then the nails will be strong, and the burrs will not appear. The cuticles must be monitored constantly.

The final stroke of manicure is the application of varnish on the nails. So that the manicure always looks good, the varnish should be of high quality. Such varnish is not washed off, does not erase and looks fresh and bright for a long time. If there are difficulties with choosing varnish, then seek advice on a specialist – manicure or consultant in the store. Try to choose the color of varnish for clothes. For daily manicure, it is best to choose pastel colors, and bright colors are more suitable for a festive manicure.

That’s all. This is not as difficult as I thought at the beginning. Each of us can make an excellent manicure on our own. But if you are not at all confident in yourself, as in the Master, then you can attend courses of extension of manicure nails. There they will definitely teach you to use a file and varnish.

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