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How to install a Hard door?

by alanews

05 April 2013.

In some cases, interior doors can cause problems with space. Even if all the furniture is placed harmoniously, the open door can “steal” the already small space of the corridor. That is why many decide to install interior-room doors. However, such doors can be used in other cases – for example, if the doorway has a non -standard size and it is impossible to install an ordinary door in it.

Harmoses doors are made of PVC-based plastic and wood. The plastic doors are inexpensive, drunken and easily open, they can be with warm water and detergent, and moisture resistance allows you to install them in the bathroom or toilet.

Wooden Harmoses doors are more expensive, more heavy, require strong fasteners, but at the same time represent ample opportunities in the design of the room.

What to do if you decide to install a door-pan? First of all, the width of the doorway is measured. This is done using a mounted rail located above the opening and cut to the desired length. If at the same time the hole for fasteners is in the cut part, a new hole of the same diameter is drilled with a drill. Then the rail is fixed over the opening of special mounts.

After that, the height of the opening is measured – this will determine the length of the elements of the canvas and stubborn plates. The latter are cut off to the desired length and installed on the sides of the opening.

In terms of the size of the resulting box, you need to cut off the elements of the canvas. To collect it was more convenient, the elements need to be laid out on a clean flat surface, and then connect them with flexible strips inserted into the channels on the ends. The roller sliders are lubricated with a lubricant, after which the assembled door is hung on the guide rail.

A special key is controlled by the door vertically and horizontal, after which the loops are fixed. The location of the loops depends on the method of opening the door. If it will open in one direction, then the loops are attached where the door will open. If the opening comes from the center to the edges, then the loops are attached on both sides. The door handle is installed at a height convenient for owners.

After all of the above, open and close the door several times. It should open easily and smoothly. If so, then you have every right to be proud of yourself.

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