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How to cure acne

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Often we have to complain about acne. Alas, it will not work out to avoid irrevocably, but it is quite realistic to fight them effectively. So how can you cure acne? But first, let’s figure out what skin problems are most common.

Firstly, it is the so-called acne, that is, a skin rash. With this disease, the skin glands of the chest, back and face are inflamed. Secondly, it is post-acne, that is, red spots and numerous scars that remain when acne pass.

There are many methods of treatment of acne, list the main of them:

one. Mesotherapy – a technique based on injections, with it at the level of the middle part of the skin (where the dermma and mesoderm are located), special therapeutic cocktails are introduced, which have an effect on the pathology. From deep skin nutrition procedures, this is the most effective.

2. Dermabrase (or microdemabrase) is a type of mechanical peeling, in which the upper layer of the epidermis is gradually erased using the flow of special microcrystals, which are then immediately removed using a vacuum system. Almost every part of the body is subjected to such grinding.

3. Facial cleaning – produced by the hardware or manual method. With her, dead skin cells exfoliate, pollution that are on the surface, eliminated, inflammatory elements are fully removed.

four. Photoology – acts on deep layers of the skin, helps to remove both vascular stars and pigment spots. Also provides facial lifting. In this way, for example, acne is treated in Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg in modern cosmetic centers.

5. Ozonotherapy – based on oxone of fats and the formation of, thus, peroxides, substances that are destructive for viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.

6. Darsonval – treatment with devices that emit small currents of high frequency affecting the skin.

7. Hydrocolonotherapy – used in the complex treatment of skin problems, affects it not directly, but indirectly. It consists in cleaning the intestines of radionucleides, feces and slags. It is also effective in combating overweight.

eight. Facial peeling is a procedure during which the skin is updated and cleansed by exfoliating the dead epithelium. There are various variations of this approach.

9. Platermia, it is also a thermoplastic mask is a mask based on calcium sulfate, which hardens and releases heat when in contact with water.

ten. Home treatment with a lotion, for example, an effective agent called “Zinerite”. It is based on erythromycin and zinc acetate. The first relieves inflammation, the second is responsible for the regeneration of cells and a decrease in the formation of sebum. He can get rid of acne in just three months, and is sold in any pharmacy.

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